Elegant and bespoke custom furniture designs for unique residential and commercial spaces.

Based on the Gold Coast, we typically work with interior designers and homeowners to design and manufacture custom sofas, modular lounges, arm chairs, ottomans, dining chairs, beds, bed heads and upholstered wall panelling which complements any space or décor.


Experience, talent and an eye for detail.

Often our clients will approach us, already with a vision in mind for the kind of space they want to create. Cosy or spacious, as natural problem solvers, we thrive on making the most of the space you have. It all starts with a spark: a photo, a sketch, a floorplan or just a picture in your mind. Whatever it is, it’s all we need to work with.


Good design outlives trends and taste.

Quality furniture should not only stand the test of time in it’s durability, but also it’s design. We strive to create unique and beautiful pieces of furniture with timeless style and modern craftsmanship.